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post #54. USC v. UF

19 November 2013

Happy Tuesday!

Ready for a photo dump from Saturday? I had a great time tailgate hopping and spending time with some friends that we don't see nearly often enough!

{ignore the gamecock colors!}

{handsome husband}

{boys before the shenanigans began}

{so glad that i got to see a few long lost law school girlfriends!}

 {things are getting weirder}

{no gamecock fans here! not so excited to see the game.}


Then we danced like fools. And ate Waffle House. And slept into the afternoon.

A good time was had by all! 
P.S. Congrats to all of my Auburn fan readers, after pulling out one of the most exciting wins I've seen all season!

Up on the blog tomorrow - the creamiest, yummiest white chicken chili you'll ever try!

xos - Morgan

We had a great time, but want to see a football weekend I'd rather be at?? See this post!


  1. My hubs was at the game too! I like the outfit you wore! Super cute!

  2. My husband and I went to rival schools, and I can't stand going to his games and having to wear his colors. I usually do just about anything to get out of it. Looks like you're a much better sport.