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post #56 - Favorite Things - Stocking Stuffers!

26 November 2013

Happy Tuesday!

Today, I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Elise over at Cheers Y'all! She's doing a series on our favorite things this Christmas. Here are some of my favorite stocking stuffers to give and receive!

Favorite Things - Stocking Stuffers!

1. Cookie Cutters
2. Festive Christmas Tea Towels
3. Fun Socks
4. Gift Cards
5. Cute Undies!
6. Bubble Bath/Nice toiletries
7. Doggie Toys (for the pup's stocking, of course!)
8. Christmas Cheese Spreaders!

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  1. I'm noticing Starbucks gift cards on a lot of people's wish lists and couldn't agree more! Perfect stocking stuffer! And I would love some of that stress relief bubble bath.

  2. Doggy toys are an absolute must! I can't wait to get my dog her own stocking with her name on it! Starbucks gift cards are always a good idea!

  3. Cute undies and starbucks...we are on the same level and i love it. Love the cookie cutter idea!!!! Perfect and precious! Thanks for linking up with us, beauty! xx

  4. Starbucks made my list too! You just can't go wrong! LOVE the tea towels too!

  5. Hi! Stopping by from the link up! I could use some of the bubble bath! :)

  6. Awesome list, girl!!!! Love adding the tea towels and cheese spreaders in a stocking!!! Fun idea!!! THANKS for linking up with us!!!

  7. I can always use fun new cookie cutters and cheese spreaders! Great round-up :)

  8. Oh a bubble bath sounds amazing right now! Great list!

  9. You can NEVER go wrong with a cozy pair of socks!

  10. That stress relief bubble bath sounds wonderful and I love the cute spreaders -- perfect for yummy appetizers!