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post #57 - New Blog Design is HERE!

27 November 2013

Hi Friends!!

Notice a change around here? My new blog design is FINALLY done! After waiting since September 14 (yes, you read that correctly), it's installed and ready to go. I have plenty to say about the process, but that's neither here nor there. All that matters is it's finally finished and I'm out of my boring old design.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and eat lots of turkey! See you bright and early on Friday!

xo -


  1. beautiful design!! I love the gold glitteries. :)

  2. It's so pretty! I love the handwriting font and the glitter!

  3. I did the same thing a few months ago. It was a process. But I love it. And I love yours. I love the glitter handwriting.

  4. I love it! Anything gold and sparkly is awesome in my book :)

  5. Love the colors and it's simplicity :)

  6. This looks great! Glad you're a part of the Daily Blog Boost! :)

    - Brooke -