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post #24 - F5: Charleston Edition (Guest Post)

26 July 2013

Friday Five from Charleston, SC!

I'm sad, but excited, to present my very last guest post! Sad, because I've had so much fun reading the awesome posts that my friends have put together. But, EXCITED, because in just a few more days, I'll be DONE with my summer-demon, the Bar Exam. 

This week, I asked one of my most stylish, fun, and genuine friends to do my Friday Five from Charleston, SC. 

When MBC asked me to do a guest blog post for her I was absolutely terrified really excited.   But after some wine debate I hope that I have come up with a Five on Friday that you can all enjoy!  This week’s theme: Give Back.  I have included a few things you can do for yourself and a few things you can do to give back to your community!

1.     AA BB CC – what?
Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past year or so you’ve heard about the newest beauty product on the scene – BB Cream.  I have been a Bare Minerals girl for as long as I can remember but as the summer was upon us I wanted something light, simple, and on the go.   While perusing the BB creams I stumbled across the Tarte BB tinted treatment – and with a little coercing from a wonderful sales associate I decided to give it a try. The product claims to work as a primer, moisturizer, light coverage foundation, anti-aging treatment, pore minimizer, AND sunscreen all rolled into one!  Despite my initial reservations I am pleased to report this product is everything it claims to be and more! I have been using this product religiously all summer and couldn't be more ecstatic with my results. This is a great product to protect your skin during those bright summer months. If you’re looking for a make up makeover, check it out!

{{You can purchase this beauty right HERE at Sephora}}

 2.  Nail Glow

After three years of graduate school and countless manis, polish purchases and color changes I was COMPLETELY DEVASTATED when I found out I was no longer allowed to wear my new favorite polish colors when I started my very first Big Girl Job (I work in health care). This week marks my 1 year anniversary at my job and it certainly been an adjustment. As fate would have it, I started working with a new patient (LM) and she shared my upset.  LM recommended that I try this new product by Christian Dior – “Nail Glow”.  LM informed me the product was like a manicure in a jar – ie, it makes the whites of your nails whiter and the pinks of your nails pinker.  After wearing the product for one full week and countless hand washes and glove-wearing my nails look excellent (without chipping)!  They feel stronger and I have even had several people ask if I actually got a manicure over the weekend. The product doesn’t require a top coat or a base coat and still gives you that “Ijustpapmeredmyself” look and feel. It is a worthy investment.   

{{You can purchase this wonder-polish right HERE at Sephora}}

3.     Views on the Move!
Put some pep in your step!  If the next few pictures aren’t evidence enough – I’m a sucker for a sunset.  I’m not always motivated to exercise, but this view makes it a little easier. Get out and find an area in your town that has great scenery and see what kind of fitness inspiration you can find for yourself!  Here are a few of my favorite views from some of my recent attempts to exercise runs.  What are some of your favorite places to get fit?
{{Charleston Harbor at Sunrise}}

{{Battery at Sunset}}

{{Battery at sunset, round two!}}

{{Colonial Lake – on my route home. My favorite picture of all time!}}

{{Ravenel Bridge!}}

4.     Buy Local, Be Local
One of the many things that I love about living in Charleston is the Farmer’s Market that is held every Saturday from April through December in historic Marion Square. The square is filled with fresh produce from local farmers, fresh handmade pastas, fresh juices and smoothies, iced coffee, food trucks, local artists, local musicians, and specialty food stands.  Last summer I made it almost every Saturday and was able to grab lunch at one of my three favorite food trucks: 1) Outta My Huevos 2) Roti Rolls and 3) Charleston Crepe Company – it was difficult to just name three as there are a million new tasty options each week.   Purchasing a few items here each week is a great way to support your local community!  Find out more local Charleston business you can support HERE!  How do you support your local business owners?

{{Overall picture of a small portion of the Farmer’s Market.}}

{{Some of the yummy produce Marion Square has to offer.}}

{{Menu Options from the Outta My Huevos and Roti Rolls food trucks! Check. Them. Out.}}

5.     Be The Match
A few months ago the Be The Match became a big part of my life.  This amazing organization regulates the National Bone Marrow Donor Program – an organization that helps match individuals with life-threatening blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma with their donor match. Once a match occurs the patient is able to receive a life-saving transplant.  Every FOUR minutes some one is diagnosed with a blood cancer – that adds about to about 360 people a day. By signing up to be a part of this organization YOU could make a huge difference for someone you’ve never even met.  Adding your name to the Registry is super simple…you don’t even have to leave your house! Click HERE to register online. A kit will be mailed to your house – follow the instructions and mail the kit back in a pre-labeled envelope. Easy-peasy, zero cost to you, and absolutely no needles involved.  According to Be The Match there are about 7,500 people in need of a match at any given time. There is about a 0.2% chance that you will be a match for someone, so spread the word and pay it forward!

I hope you all enjoyed my guest post! Are you feeling motivated yet?
xoxo - SK

A HUGE thank you to Sarah for this fantastic guest post! I can't wait to throw down with this little lady in just one week! 

Another HUGE thank you to all of you for supporting me in so many ways in my studies in the past few weeks - your texts, calls, packages, food, encouragement and prayers have helped me get through each day! Keep me in your prayers at the beginning of next week...and pray for mine and my classmates' safety on Wednesday when we finish ;-)

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  1. I just saw this post in the link up and got SO excited because it had Charleston in it! I just moved there recently and love going to the Farmers Market! :)

  2. I am an 8 year loyal Bare Minerals user BUT I tried a CC cream this week and LOVED it. I'm using both in combination but the CC is perfect for the summer!

  3. Those sunset pictures are the best!! I will be in Charleston for the first time in October!! Looking forward to it! Have a great weekend!!

  4. I am crazy about Dior products. I recommend all of them. They are all high quality products.

  5. Have been searching for a BB cream after hearing all of the hype. Thanks for sharing...I'll definitely look into this one.

  6. I'm actually relocating to Charleston from NJ for business, so I've been researching the location and things to do online, as well as browsing charleston sc homes for sale. What would you say your favorite thing about the area is? Also, are there any areas you would recommend looking for homes in, or avoiding?