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post #21: Easy Kitchen Cabinet Makeover (Guest Post)

16 July 2013

Easy Kitchen Cabinet Makeover - from Dog House Diaries!

Today, I asked my friend Aubrey (and her special helpers/fur babies, Rupert & Emma) at Dog House Diaries for some tips on house flipping! 

Hi MM Readers!  I am so excited to share with you an easy way to totally revamp your kitchen in one weekend.  We are currently flipping a 1970s home and introducing it to this millennium!

The kitchen started in pretty rough shape.  We have a lot to tackle and a good bit left to do, but for today, we will focus on the cabinets.

{Cream dingy- colored cabinets with rusted hinges! Yuck!}

Tools you will need for this project:
1.       Electric Drill
2.       Rostoleum Brushed Nickel Spray Paint (or whatever color you choose)
3.       Primer-Sealer (1 can for the amount of cabinets shown)
4.       Semi-Gloss white paint (1 can for the amount of cabinets shown)
5.       Sponge roller
6.       Angled paint brush

Our first step was to remove all the cabinets from the wall and remove all the hinges from the cabinets.  Be sure to keep all of your screws so you can use the same ones to put everything back together. 

We used two cans of Rustoleum Brushed Nickel spray paint to paint all of the cabinet hardware.  You can also use a metal spay primer if your hinges are extremely rusted.   The brushed nickel color gave the hinges a nice modern twist.

Then we began painting the cabinets.  You will want to do a layer of primer-sealer.  We chose Killz brand.  Paint one side at a time.  I decided to start with the back side first since you want your last coat to be on the front of the cabinets so you have a lower risk of imperfections.

To paint, I found using a small sponge roller is most effective.  You will also want to use an angled paint brush to cut in on any grooves you may have on your cabinet doors. 

You will need to give the cabinets at least 2-4 hours to dry on each side.  Once you have primed both sides of the cabinet, you are ready to paint the top coat! 

We chose a white semi-gloss that is stain and smudge proof which is perfect for kitchen cabinets.  We chose Behr paint because you want to go with something high quality since you come in contact with your kitchen cabinets a minimum of twice a day every day.  That is a ton of wear! So don’t skimp on paint.
Once we finished painting the top coat on the cabinets and they were completely dry, we were ready to reattach the spray-painted hardware. 

For finishing touches, I went along with a q-tip and a bit of spray-paint in a cup to touch up the screw heads to match the new hardware.

And Voila!

I hope these easy steps will help you get motivated to give your kitchen a quick and easy facelift!  Next up for us is replacing the countertops and backsplash.  To learn more about us and our project, visit

Xoxo (Hugs and Licks)

Thanks so much to Aubrey, Rupert, & Emma (& Jayson, of course!)... Aubrey is one of my sweetest, most creative, and genuine friends, and Rupert & Emma are two precious pups! I'm so excited that she started a blog and can't wait to see all of her great ideas! Don't forget to check it out - I know you'll love her and her sweet family as much as I do!

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Next up, we'll be traveling all the way to Nashville, TN for our Friday Five!

Xoxo - MBC


  1. Thank you for letting us share our project! You're the best! Dog House Diaries LOVES Makeshift Margaritas! xoxo

  2. Since you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you should like the way it looks! A complete remodel is expensive but even small improvements here and there can make a big difference.