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post #22 - F5: Nashville Edition (Guest Post)

19 July 2013

Five on Friday from Nashville!

For my Friday Five today, I asked one of my college roomies and BFFs to post all the way from Tennessee! Hope y'all love reading about some Nashville favorites as much as I did!

Hello loyal MM readers. I was very excited when Morgan asked me to be a guest blogger, but also a little nervous. I couldn’t think of a thing to talk about. Then, I remembered, I live near one of the most entertaining cities in the South East!

I’ll give you a little background. I moved to Tennessee with my husband who is currently stationed at Fort Campbell. We visit Nashville frequently and even did a surprise party for him in the city when he came home from Afghanistan. We quickly fell in love with Nashville.

I know vacations can get pricey fast, so here are some of my favorite (cheap) places to visit in Nashville. 

1. Favorite Bar- Paradise Park Trailer Resort

From the outside, this bar looks like your average dive. On the inside, however, it is set up like a trailer park. Yes, you read that right. This is a trailer park themed bar.  I mean, how could you go wrong with live music, a pontoon and astro turf carpet? This is one of my favorite bars on Broadway. They have cheep beer ($6.00 a pitcher), awesome music, and a great environment. You definitely need to keep an open mind when visiting PPTR, but you are sure to have a great time.

{Trey, Channing, Clayton, Me, Mary Bradlee and Chris at Paradise Park}
2. Favorite Restaurant- Demo’s Steak & Spaghetti House
My favorite restaurant in Nashville has to be Demo’s. My husband and I stumbled upon this little gem while driving through downtown. The line to go into the restaurant wrapped all the way around the corner. I knew that meant it must be good. In fact, I could eat here at least once a week and be one happy girl.

Demos is known for their spaghetti (my favorite) and steaks. You can get a huge bowl of spaghetti, a basket of breadsticks and a salad for $8.19 plus tax.

I personally cannot visit Demos and not stuff myself with some of their yummy cherry delight (about $3 for a big pan). Make sure you bring some Spelnda, as all of their tea is sweetened with syrup. Not my favorite!

3. Favorite Breakfast- Pancake Pantry

I know what you’re thinking, “Could food really be worth standing in this line for?” The line is actually worse than it seems, but the answer is still YES! The Pancake Pantry is a Nashville staple, and I was eager to try it on our last visit. We waited in line for almost two hours and when we finished eating, we had only been sitting for about 20 minutes. They are super fast, but the food is amazing. I ordered the omelet, which was more like an egg with all of the extras on top. This came with three (yes, three) huge pancakes. My husband and a few of our friends ordered the specialty, sweet potato pancakes with a cinnamon cream sauce. There are no words to describe this meal! 

4. Favorite Hotel- Opryland Hotel


The Opryland Hotel is like no other hotel I have ever stayed in. I imagine it is something like the mega-hotels in Vegas. Even if you do not stay here (as it can be pricey), I would recommend at least stopping by to check it out. Make sure you plan on spending a few hours. The hotel has at least 15 restaurants, over 2,800 rooms, 9-acres of indoor gardens, waterfalls and an indoor river. Just like most places in Nashville, there is always live entertainment. The hotel itself offers plenty of entertainment, but it is within walking distance of Opry Mills Mall and The Grand Ole Opry. My favorite time to visit Opryland would have to be Christmas. They decorate the entire hotel in true Nashville fashion.  

5. Favorite Tour- Nashville Pedal Tavern

As I mentioned before, we recently had a surprise weekend for my husband when he returned from Afghanistan. I was able to book a 2.5 hour tour on the Nashville Pedal Tavern during the day on Saturday. We had just enough people (16) to fill an entire trolley with one person acting as the bartender in the middle. 
We quickly learned there were a few seats that did not require pedaling and at the first stop made sure to switch spots. It was probably one of the most fun things I have done in Nashville so far. You can get out at different stops and go into bars with discounts, or do like we did and stay on the trolley and drink what you brought with you. It was well worth the $25.00.
  {My husband on the front of the trolley}
I hope you enjoyed and have the chance to visit Nashville soon. My next stop is Nashville favorite, Blue Bird CafĂ©. That is if I can ever get a reservation! Do you have any Nashville favorites?  
Thanks so much to Anna for guest posting! This made me even more sad (if that is humanly possible) to have missed her hubby's homecoming celebrations! Are you ready to visit Nashville yet? I sure am!

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Until next time!!


  1. My urge to travel to Nashville Just got 10 times stronger. I want to go sooo bad! Those pancakes look worth standing in line for. I'd do it!

  2. We're going to Nashville for our 1st anniversary trip and I haven't even started planning yet. We're going to try to hit all of these spots because they look great! Thanks for the guest post MBC!

  3. My husband and I live in Kentucky and have been wanting to plan a trip to Nashville, I will have to bookmark your post. Thank you! :)

  4. I love this post! We used to go to Nashville quite a bit-and almost moved there a year ago with the husbands company! I love that city!

    -Angie Mae

  5. Nashville looks like so much fun! I have only been once, but wasn't there for very long.