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12 July 2013

Five on Friday - Pinterest Edition

Goooooood morning everyone! Hope your weeks have been great. Sadly, this is my last post until AUGUST! I'm getting super pumped for the guest posts I have lined up for the next few weeks. I can't wait for y'all to read them!

I've done nothing but study this week. Like, nothing. It has been so hard balancing studying and being on Royal Baby watch! It's so hard to decide which is more important. I also had this problem while studying this spring and personally attempting to catch the Marathon Bomber from my own home using only internet photos for two days straight. While I thought I was sure to find a lead, luckily, the actual police beat me to it.

All I can think about lately are my upcoming travels and all the things I want to do after the bar exam. DIY, baking, and house decorating are up there on the list, thankya much Pinterest. Since my week has been super uninteresting (unless you want to read a post entirely about Sugar Free Red Bull, Highlighters, and fun phone apps involving multiple choice questions), I'm hitting you up with 5 things I can't wait to do in August, Pinterest style...

1. This iPad stand for cooking in the kitchen (once we get an iPad, that is)

2. Cucumber Basil Sorbet
(hanging on to the little bit of summer I have left)

3. Ginger Cilantro Margaritas

4. Monogrammed Wreath DIY
(because every house should have one of these. and i've been maybe riding around with a wreath in the back of my car to make this since May oops)

5. Read Books That Are Actually Good
So many lists of books, where to begin! After essentially not reading for pleasure for 3 years (with the exception of a few honeymoon books last summer), my list has piled up. And since I'm a firm believer of reading a book before seeing a movie, that means my movies have piled up too. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person on the planet who has yet to read or watch Hunger Games. This book will be an almost immediate purchase in August. Maybe even a car ride-to-Alabama or plane ride-to-Vegas read? 
Once I can check the books I've been waiting to read off my list, I am going to try some of these recommendations: 20 Books to Read In Your 20's.
Are there any books that I have to read, pronto? I'd love any recommendations!

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That's all, my people! See ya on the SUNNY SIDE! And I promise --- I'll be much sunnier in August :-)



  1. I'd love to have time to read! I may have to carve some time out in the evenings and give this book a shot! Found you from the link-up!

  2. Get out of town with the ginger cilantro margaritas. Sounds amazing!

    And that wreath is the cutest! Thanks for sharing your great finds.

    Have an amazing weekend!

  3. I love all of these ideas!! Oh my goodness, now I have to go pin them all :)