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post #25 - F5: Alabama, Curling Wands, Vegas, Twins, & Freedom

02 August 2013

Friday Five...I'm BACKKK!

Hi blog friends!! I am so. so. so. excited to be back to the blog world! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, to say the least. So very thankful for all the friends who have shown me so much support over the past few weeks. Also, so thankful for my awesome guest bloggers! I hope y'all enjoyed reading the posts as much as I did!

This Friday, I'm thinking about...

1. Alabama Bound!
Today, we're heading to Andalusia, Alabama for the nuptials of some very cherished friends. Hayley & Harper met a little over 2 years ago at the wedding of two of our other friends, which was truly one of the most fun weddings I've attended. Hayley was a bridesmaid and Harper was a groomsman. I'm so excited for another Auburn/Clemson wedding with this fun group of friends. Jo's college bffs/fraternity brothers are super tight - it's not very often that you see a group of about 10 guys that are all such close friends. Luckily, these guys all married to or dating some of the very best girls - girls that I'm so lucky to call bff's now, too! Can't wait to love on them and dance the night away. I know Hayley is going to be the most beautiful bride!

To give you a hint of why I'm so excited... here are some pics from this group of friends' last Alabama wedding...

{groom. so proud to be an american.}

{bride. doing the watermelon crawl + karaoke after the wedding}

{love these friends. can't wait for this weekend.}

{girlfrands. love.}

2. Curling Wands
Just got one, finally. I was hoping it would be here in time to take this weekend, but it's looking like that's not going to happen. Does anyone have any tips for using this thing? I love how these curls look. I have super thick hair, and a lot of it. I can't wait to give it a try! 
{i got this one, buy it here!}

3. Vegas
We'll be there in just a few days. But who's counting?
{last time in Vegas. praying for better luck this time!}

4. Twins
When we finished the bar on Wednesday, I got to have dinner with some of my law school besties -  one of whom is a new mom to twin boys. Talk about the most precious children. What is it about having two babies that just ups the cuteness level? I know she has her hands full. But twins are seriously the cutest.
{ignore my appearance here. i was three days deep into crazy. but how sweet is this little bundle?}

{i'm the creepiest friend award winner. but is there anything cuter than these children? i think not.}

5. Freedom
Read? Watch TV? Cook? Bake? Clean? Shop? All in the first few hours, my friends. I can't wait to do fun things with my newfound freedom. I almost forgot what it was like to watch TV without a notebook on my lap. The Wicked series and the Great Gatsby will be arriving at my doorstep any day now. Put a drink in one of my hands and a textbook in the other and I'm one happy girl. Oh. And I'll be caught up on Pretty Little Liars by tomorrow, fellow fans. Then we can dish.

So glad to be back, y'all. Can't wait for some fun things to come.

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Xo - MBC


  1. I'm dying to try the curling wand, too! It seems like it would take quite a bit of time, but I've seen the curls that thing can produce! Weddings are so much fun-have a great time!

  2. I want a curling wand!!! I almost bought the exact same one but chickened out. I have an Ulta coupon so I think I may break down and get it. I hope it works. Have fun in Vegas. Looks like a blast!~ Saw you on the link up :)