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post #27 - Las Vegas Vacation

13 August 2013

And...we're back!

We had so. much. fun. on our Vegas vacation! We ate. (a lot). We walked. (a lot) We saw (a lot) of crazy people. We saw the-best-show-ever (Love - Cirque De Soleil). We gambled. We drank. We wandered around. We hung out, together, without other people...something that has happened far too little in the past few months of our marriage. I would say it was a successful First Anniversary trip. 

{cab ride to the strip}

{bacchanal buffet @ caesar's palace...huge chandeliers made out of glasses!}

{during the day at the wynn...notice the hubs' lucky vegas party shirt!}

{before dinner one night at our hotel}

{finishing up dinner!}

{ the beatles!}

{violating the very strict no photos policy. but it was before the show started? so that doesn't count, right?}

Although all of the travel and hectic-ness has been a blast, it's going to be good to be home for awhile. Football is about to start, and Lord knows what a busy but fun time of year that is! I have one more week until I start work, so this week will be full of lounging, cooking, cleaning, and more lounging.

Are you traveling to Vegas soon? Stay posted for a biglongpost about where we ate! Hear the good, the bad, the great, and the ugly!

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Xox - MBC


  1. So cute!!! Love yall and glad you had fun!!!

  2. Vegas looks fun!!!! I recognize Clemson shirt! Glad to found a fellow southern blog! I started at Clemson but finished at Carolina don't judge lol :-)