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post #17: F5: Mom, Coat, 12 Bones, Contadino, & Starbucks Deals!

28 June 2013

Goodbye June! Favorites to Wrap up the Month!

It's the weekend! Well, almost. Hope you all have fantastic weekend plans! Jo will be at a bachelor party this weekend, so I plan on getting LOTS of studying done.
On to my favorites this week...

1. My Mom
I almost had a mini meltdown this week. The screen on my MacBook Pro has been wobbly for about a year now, but after the weekend, it became extremely loose. As in, the screen is either at 90 degrees, or tilted all the way back. After talking to the tech people at school, my options are basically to 1) Send it to Apple (after some research, it is likely between a $700-$1200 fix), 2) Purchase a new computer, or 3) Continue using it, hoping the screen doesn't fall back & completely conk out in the middle of something important.

We've been casually looking at some computers and iPads, but since I'll be starting a new job soon, we haven't had any sense of urgency. Except for one minor detail - I'll be typing the bar exam on my computer in a month. URGENT. URGENT. URGENT. When I asked the tech guy about taking the bar on my computer as it is now, he made a face and said he definitely wouldn't risk it.  URGENT. URGENT. URGENT. URGENT. URGENT. 

Thankfully, my wonderful, kind, amazing mother has offered to let me use her MacBook Pro for the month, so that I can take the bar exam on the same kind of computer I use now. Crisis averted. Once again, Mom saves the day. So, without a doubt, she is my favorite thing this week. Moms are really the best, don't you agree?

Once again, Mom to the rescue!

2. New Coat
I love summer, but I'm so ready for winter to wear this bad boy. Last weekend's sale = success.

3. 12 Bones in Asheville, NC
I convinced my friend to have lunch here over the weekend - it is truly the most delicious BBQ ever. Their Mac & Cheese, Collard Greens, and Jalapeno Cheese Grits? Pretty much to die for. Oh, and their Cornbread and Blueberry Chipotle Sauce? Still drooling. (See the menu here). Do yourself a favor if you're around Asheville and go here. You can thank me later.

(cornbread, collard greens, chopped beef brisket, mac & cheese, + side of chipotle blueberry sauce)

4. Contadino Pinot Grigio Vivace
Bubbly. Pinot grigio. Do I have your attention? Labeled a pinot grigio, this wine tasted more like prosecco to me. But, I'm no connoisseur.  Coming in at only about $6/bottle from Trader Joe's, it's a great addition to your "every night" wine collection. ;-) Oh, and comes in a pretty bottle! Let's be serious, probably the reason I picked it up to begin with.

5. Fabulous Starbucks Deals
I love Starbucks. No beating around the bush on this one. I have already expressed my love for canned Starbucks Refreshers in a previous post (found here). Today and tomorrow (and yesterday, sorry for the delay in posting this!) from 3:00-5:00, Starbucks is offering half priced Refreshers! I've been needing a refresher most the tune of a can a day. Oops. I enjoyed/guzzled a trenta Very Berry Hibiscus yesterday, and suspect that today and tomorrow will be no different. Hope y'all enjoy this little pick me up as much as I did!

(my biggg drink set me back a whopping $2.23 yesterday. so. worth. it.)

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  1. OMG - yes to TRENTA sized Starbucks drinks. And I am all about the bubbly pinot. You have to try Barefoots new sparkling wine too!!!

  2. I have a $20 gift card to starbucks burning a whole in my wallet! I need to use it but I never know what to get... I know. I'm crazy!
    That coat... I want! It's perfect! Lucky girl :)