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post #13 - F5: Family & Friends, Starbucks Refreshers, Erase Paste, Semi-Annual Sale, & Snail Mail!

14 June 2013

Another 5 on Friday Link Up! Favs this week!

Happy almost-weekend, y'all! Looking forward to lots of study time this weekend. Talk about feelings you never thought you'd have. Without further ado, my favorites this week!

1. Family and Friends!
I've been so overwhelmed with love from my friends and family this week for my birthday! And, of course, my sweet, sweet husband. Thanks to everyone for the phone calls, text messages, and birthday snail mail! It is all very much appreciated. I can't wait to see what 25 (eek!!) has in store!

2. Starbucks Refreshers
Have y'all tried this little sip of heaven? Best. energy. drink. ever. I've been having them in the afternoons for a much-needed pick me up. They taste delicious (not like an energy drink) and don't make me as jittery as my second love, Red Bull.

3. Benefit Erase Paste
This stuff is a God-send. If you need a good concealer, go to Sephora and get you some. It is a little pricy (for those of us who normally wear drug store makeup), but I purchased mine last summer and use it everyday. I am still not even halfway through the tiny jar. Talk about long-lasting makeup! A friend got me hooked, and I've spread the love to a few of my friends. Now, I'm telling all of you!

4. Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale
Enough said, right? I headed there very early the first day (as in, 7am. It was the only time I could go!)... Although I think they've gone up in price the last few years, it is still a great time to go pick up some essentials.
(and, it obviously makes us all look like this)

5. Snail Mail
There's nothing like checking the mailbox and getting a sweet piece of snail mail. I always forget how much I love handwritten notes, and always vow to send more. Plus, buying cute stationary is the best. I'm in the market for some monogrammed stationary or correspondence cards. How cute are these?!
(steal here)

(steal here)

(splurge here)

(splurge here)

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  1. I love erase paste!! Perfect to get rid of bar studying induced dark circles :)