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21 June 2013

Fabulous Friday Favorites!

Happy weekend, ladies (and boys, if you're out there in blog world)! I hope your week has been not-too-hectic and you're looking forward to a fun weekend! My week has been slightly crazy, with an intense practice test (from 9-4 on a Friday, gross!) happening as you're probably reading this. But, I'm looking forward to an awesome weekend, filled with some of my favorite things and people! 

1. Upstate South Carolina!
This weekend, Jo and I are heading to the Upstate...and I couldn't be more excited! We are heading to two of my favorite places on earth...Greenville and Clemson. We'll be staying Friday night with one of my college BFFs and her hubby. On Saturday (before the crack of dawn) we're heading to a sale in NC while the boys are playing golf. Afterwards, Jo and I are going down the road to Clemson to spend the evening with his dad and stepmom in their new home-away-from-home condo! They've been making lots of improvements and we can't wait to see this awesome addition to our tailgating fun this year. Oh, and I'm squeezing 13 hours worth of video lectures in there somewhere, but who's counting? (Ain't no rest for the wicked, y'all) Not going to pretend I wouldn't rather study in Clemson than Columbia. ;-)

(Favorite Place #1 - Greenville, SC) [photo credit]

(Favorite Place #2 - Clemson, SC) [photo credit]

2. Baby Mac!
Sometime over the course of the weekend, we'll be stopping to visit our new step-nephew! Last weekend, Jo's stepsister and stepbrother in law welcomed a beautiful new baby boy, Stewart McLaurin. They'll be calling him Mac - he is just precious! We are so excited for them and can't wait to meet and snuggle Mac this weekend! Being an aunt is the best!

(I mean...come on. He's pretty much the cutest.)

3. Blood Orange Mimosas
Making these on Saturday morning as we wait in line for our sale, with the Blood Orange Bitters I picked up a few weeks ago. If I'm waking up before the sunrise on a Saturday, I'd better have a Starbucks or cocktail (or both) in hand. Channing, these are coming for you!

4. Lilly Notepad
Need a good and cheap gift for a friend? I've been writing out things that I'm having trouble learning on this notepad, and it makes hearsay seem slightly more exciting, if that's possible. (Trust me...that stuff is NOT as exciting as it seems on TV). These are so cute, and only $7! I got mine at Pink Sorbet, or you can find them here!
5. This List - 50 Rules for Dads of Daughters
A classmate posted a link to the 50 Rules for Dads of Daughters (click here to read the post). I thought this was too sweet not to share. We don't have a child yet, and aren't planning on one any time soon, but this list made my heart melt. Share this with your men!

6. My Readers!!!
I had to add an extra this week. This one is for y'all! This week, I reached over 2,000 page views. I know that many bloggers get that on a single post and that this isn't a big deal for most. But, since I've only been blogging a little over a month, I'm getting excited about the little things. Thanks to my followers and those who keep coming back! And I promise that when I'm not studying for the bar, my posts will be much happier and more interesting ;-). Here's to looking forward to DIYing, house decorating, and the return of a real social life...

(although, I kind of hope this guy's not reading!)

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Also, I LOVE reading your comments, so keep them coming!


As always, thanks for the fun link up, girls!

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  1. I live in Greenville and went to Clemson-so we share some favorite places! :) Have a great weekend!

    1. They're both pretty great! Hope you have a great weekend, too! :-) Thanks for the comment!

  2. I could go for one of those blood orange mimosas right now! They're one of my favorites!

    Have a great weekend! The sale sounds like fun! I love any and all sales!

    1. Girl, me too! It's 5:00 somewhere! Have a great weekend :-P

  3. Congratulations on your new milestone. That's awesome. Best wishes on the bar. I'm in Raleigh, NC and I enjoyed your favorites today.

    I'll be back.

    HinesSight Blog

    1. Thanks for the comment! I love SC, but NC is great, too :-) Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

  4. I have been blogging since '09, but just got serious about it a few months ago. Now I am dreaming of a new blog design. :) Those blood orange mimosas look good!

    1. I am already dreaming of new blog designs! It seems like a house - always a new hope or vision!

  5. Yes, boys, or at least 1 boy, are out here in blog world. Great post! I too, just started blogging not too long ago and the little things have excited me as well.

    Have a great weekend, and welcome back to Greenville!

    Mr J Sully
    Adventures of a Southern Fellow

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one excited about the little things, and that blogging boys do exist! Thanks for the comment - looking forward to checking out your blog, too!

  6. Love, love, love Greenville! I went to college there (Furman) :) I do miss it so much!

    I bet you are hitting up the J. Crew warehouse sale on Saturday morning?!

    1. Yes, Greenville is the best! And that MAY be where we are headed ;-) I'm so excited I'm practically jumping up and down!

  7. I love your pic from Greenville. I was there in December 2013 and it was amazing. Thanks for sharing with us. Greetings from Zurich, Switzerland!