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post #8 - F5: Grilled Watermelon, Pilot Pens, Garden, C25K App, & Zonin Prosecco!

31 May 2013

Linking Up - 5 on Friday!

I'm excited this week to be participating in a Link Up! Two blogs that I read and love (A. Liz. Adventures and Carolina Charm) are hosting this fun concept, where various bloggers post about the same thing and link to each other. This allows you to discover new blogs and read other blog posts about the same topics. Since I've been meaning to do a post about some things that I've been loving lately, this  Link Up is the perfect opportunity!

This week, I've been loving on:

Grilled Watermelon with Goat Cheese -

Brace yourself. Grilled watermelon sprinkled with goat cheese. I know this sounds...different, but oh. my. goodness. Heavenly.
(drizzle a few slices of watermelon with extra virgin olive oil, then throw them on the grill. when you take them off, sprinkle them with goat cheese.)

Pilot Gel Pens

I've essentially gone through this pack of pens in one week. But, I've been writing with them all day, every day. Although the subject matter I've been studying is pretty boring, this combo pack's colors make me feel a little happier. (It's the little things, people!)
(found here, or at your local Target :-))

Our Garden

This year, for the first time, Jo and I have attempted a garden! I am very excited to report that we are growing lots of baby vegetables! So far, we have jalapenos, squash, and tomatoes. Our peppers, cucumber, onions, and zucchini are all doing well and we're expecting to see them appearing at any time! We have had so much fun nurturing this garden and watching everything grow.

(the day we planted - mid-april)

(now! lots of budding plants!)

(ready to pick?)

The C25K Running App

Jo and I have started a running plan this week - so far, so good! It's a lot harder for me than it is for him, but I think it's just a guy thing to be able to run with ease. I used the Couch to 5k program a few years ago, which helps you go from not running at all to running a 5k in just 2 months! We have been using an app called C25K(Free) that you can download for your iPhone. I use it along with my Nike+ app (which counts distance and calories burned), but I like C25K because it tells you when to start walking and start jogging - no need to try to time things in your head when you're just trying to make it up a hill! You can learn more about the app here, and can download it from the iTunes store. Happy running! 

Zonin Prosecco

A few weeks ago, I picked a bottle of this prosecco up at Trader Joe's for ABOUT SIX DOLLARS. It did not disappoint, especially with this price tag! This may be my new go-to prosecco for a more "everyday" beverage. 

(i'll have the one on the left, please.)

*cheers to the weekend!*

Have y'all been receiving your May Books? Mine came in yesterday... and I'm in usual. It's an addiction. I hope all of you that ordered are as happy with yours as I am with mine! 

I'd love to read your comments! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Yum that watermelon looks amazing :)

  2. OOO Love this trader joe's tip! i wish mine wasn't in such an inconvenient location... i'll have to stock up! One of my fave restaurants does a compressed watermelon salad with chevre and it is absolutely to die for! Imagining grilling the watermelon? Yum yum!