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post #4: MayBooks {Product Review}

16 May 2013

May Obsession - May Books! (ON SALE!)

Many of you that have seen me recently have heard a little something about a product that I've been loving on. I heard of May Books a few years ago and thought the idea was cute, but never made the purchase. A few months ago, I came across them again and knew that I had to have one. (Or 2). 

May Designs makes the cutest customizable notebooks. They are small enough to fit in a purse, and you can customize from TONS of colors, patterns, and writing types or monograms. There are lots of styles - they make planners, regular notebooks and graph or "dot grid" notebooks (which I prefer over lines). They also make specialized notebooks, such as meal planners, pregnancy diaries, and work out diaries. They offer flat rate shipping of $6, which is great if you accidentally may want to order more than one. (Oops!)

I patiently waited for my first book to arrive, and the day that it did was glorious. My to-do list was finally 1) not on a post-it note, and 2) getting done! After all, when I completed a task, I got to open my cute book and check it off. 

(my first monogram dot-grid notebook)

I also ordered two planners, one for myself and one for my sister-in-law. Unfortunately, these don't officially start until August, since I opted for the scholastic version. Not to worry, though - I've already added lots of birthdays and, of course, Clemson football games. 

(my planner)

(my sister-in-law's planner)

In the middle of my super exciting 4 hour video about evidence this morning, I got some very exciting news. May Books are 50% off - today only! Naturally, I had to order more. I had some trouble choosing, but settled on the following:

Y'all. This is a STEAL. If you have ever considered buying a May Book, today is the time! You won't regret it. You'll be getting things done left and right, and I can guarantee you'll love it. The planner is much less bulky than other planners that I've had, and I might only agree to write things on dot grids for the rest of my life. 

Do any of you already have May Books? What are your favorite designs?
To order yours (or to just play around with the designs), click here!

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