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post #3: Mint Lemonade & Onions

12 May 2013

Mint Lemonade & Onions?

I know it's been a long time since my last blog post. My goal was to do at least 2 per week, and week 1 was a miserable fail. In my defense, over the past week I: graduated from law school, went to several dinners & parties, drank a lot of wine (too much wine? debatable.) and hosted my parents for the weekend. I'll post about these things eventually, but it won't be for a while. I'm still digesting this whole graduation thing. I'm already missing friends and know that things will never be the same, now that everyone is scattered in so many different places. So, for now, I'll ignore the past week and post about it when the emotions have worn off.

After brunch with my mom and dad this morning before they headed home to WV, Jo and I decided to do a little work on our garden. For the most part, it's doing surprisingly well. We even have a (tiny) tomato! My dad brought us some WV63 tomato plants, which we decided to plant on our porch since the herbs planted there are doing so well. Cross your fingers that they'll bring us some yummy tomatoes!


(helping or hindering? you be the judge of that)

The biggest problem in our garden was the okra. It was really struggling, and taking up a lot of precious space. We ventured to Lowe's and ended up coming home with onions and asparagus. Our hopes are not very high for these little guys, but they were on sale and we figured it was worth a shot. We replanted the okra in a sunnier spot, but at this point, it is probably a lost cause. Oh well - can't win 'em all. 

(rows of baby onions)

(finished product)
(crossing our fingers that our little okra makes it!)

We finished off the afternoon with some mint lemonade, using our own mint. We are lucky to have such an abundance of this herb! The lemonade is pretty easy, especially when you do the easiest version with pre-made lemonade. (Simply Lemonade, anyone?) Just muddle the mint with a little splash of lemonade, divide it into the cups, and pour lemonade over it. Give it a good stir, and you're good to go.

(step 1 - collect mint)

(step 2 - muddle)

(step 3 - combine + enjoy!)

Tomorrow starts the next chapter for me - bar study. This is exactly as gross as it sounds. Every weekday (and lots of weekends) for the next 2.5ish months will be spent trying to prepare for this brutal test. Luckily, a few of my friends are sticking around for the summer, so I'll have people to share the misery with.

I hope all of you had as great of a week and weekend as I did. Stay tuned for another post later this week! 


  1. There is no such thing as "too much wine"

  2. YUM that mint lemonade looks so delicious!! I am jealous of your garden!