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03 May 2013

New Beginnings

Hi everyone!

For the past few years, I have been wanting to start a blog. I've been learning to be a grown up, and a wife - which means learning to cook and decorating a real house. I've been having a blast at great places with my even greater husband and friends. I think this is pretty important stuff to document! However, I've also been bogged down with this little thing called law school. Now that I'm finally finished (after what feels like forever), I can't wait to write about life, shopping, name it!

A little about me - I love my dog Milly, trying new things (especially food and drinks!), traveling, and getting to spend time with friends. I grew up in West Virginia, but always knew that I wanted to go to a big, southern school for college. So, it was in high school that I developed my love for South Carolina. I went to college at what became my favorite place - Clemson University. I met my husband there, and made truly the best memories. (Note - It was also in college that I developed my love for a good margarita). My husband and I both went on to law school, where I made more great friends and memories. I got married the summer after my second year, and have been loving life as a Mrs. We'll see where the road takes me from here, but you can be sure I'll keep you updated along the way!

I can't wait to start blogging - thanks for coming along for the ride!

Happy Friday!

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  1. So excited that you have started a blog! You're going to love it!