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post #42 - Working Woman's Wardrobe: Fall Dress Edition

06 October 2013

Working Woman's Wardrobe - Fall Dress Edition

Happy Monday!! Thanks so much for being patient with me last week! I was so excited to receive texts on Friday asking where my Friday Five was! To be honest, I fell asleep the second I got home from work on Thursday (at 10pm) and didn't have time to plan a post. But, this week, I'll post 3 times, so get excited!

In my online browsing this weekend, I couldn't help but notice some of the cute work dresses floating around. While I can't afford most of these dresses, I do have one of them and it's definitely a staple! Can you guess which one?

I give you - my fictional wardrobe for the week!

Working Woman's Wardrobe - Fall Dress Edition

Monday: Kate Spade Benedicta Sheath Short Dress, found here
Tuesday: St. John Collection Fleck Tweed Knit Dress, found here
Wednesday: Theory Icon Shift Suit Sleeveless Dress, found here
Thursday: J. Crew Peplum Dress, found here
Solid Orange Friday: Ted Baker Payton Scallop Neckline Long Sleeved Shift Dress, found here

Have you found any precious work dresses lately? I'd love to hear about them!
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Xo - Morgan


  1. Those are all so cute and they make me wish I had a normal job and didn't have to wear scrubs everyday!

  2. These are great tips, wish I'd seen these when I was a working woman a year ago. Now sweats are my favorite since my baby doesn't care.

    Britni @ Play. Party. Pin.

  3. I am a postal worker so there are no dresses in my work wardrobe. Sigh. But these are way cute! Like your blog! Started following you on bloglovin.

  4. Totally cute outfits! I am in need of some what I call "Angelina Jolie as Mrs. Smith" outfit that are very lady like and these are adorable.

    Maria @ The Good Life

  5. LOVE that purple/orange dress. I kind of need it!

  6. Oh this purple dress looks awesome.

  7. I love Monday's and Thursday's dresses! So cute! Thanks so much for linking up to Flannel Friday :) I hope you join again this week!

    Char char| 

  8. love each and every one! these are wonderful work alternatives for fall :)

  9. Love those looks! Professional dress is so hard for me to put together sometimes - I need the pictures!

  10. These are so cute, but unfortunately I can't wear a dress to work. Super cute for going out though!