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post #44 - Weekend Review, Clemson v. Boston College

15 October 2013

Happy Tuesday! Hope y'all had a great weekend. 

We spent Saturday in sunny Clemson. I knew going into Saturday that it was a high of 80 - unfortunately, I envisioned a breezy, beautiful 80; it ended up as a sweaty, feels-like-100-degrees kind of day. Our Tigers pulled it out, but it wasn't pretty.


After a terrible first half, I ended up meeting up with two of my besties from college. The boys went back into the game while we stayed out at the tailgate, drank wine, and caught up.

I've really been cherishing time spent with friends lately! It's so funny how you take the time spent with your friends while you're in school for granted. I was lucky to have such great groups of friends, both in undergrad and law school. Now that law school is over and most of my friends have moved to other cities, it's been an adjustment not being able to run across town to grab something from someone's apartment - or better yet, walk down the hall. Luckily, between football games, girls and/or couples nights, and frequent visits between us, I've been lucky to get to see my bffs fairly often! And, lets be honest, most days involve group texts/emails.

I can't help but think ahead to this weekend! Clemson is arguably playing it's biggest game that I can remember on Saturday. We have an 8:00 home game, complete with ESPN GameDay (yes, again!!) and a day full of tailgating, followed by a stressful football game.

Now the question is - what to wear?!

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  1. we'll be there! hopefully there wont be any rain!!

  2. Noles fan over here. It's going to be a CRAZY game. :)

  3. Ohhh how I miss tailgating! Looks like y'all had fun despite the heat ;)

  4. Another football fan! I love it! I have a football link-up every Monday throughout football season. Feel free to check it out and link-up sometime! ♥

  5. Hey I'm Kim stopping by from the Daily Blog Boost. Besties are AWESOME! I have been blessed to be friends with my Bestest Friend for 41 years. We can go for years without seeing each other and get together and it's just like we talked yesterday. We are big about football here too. Got my "Guns Up" for my Texas Tech Red Raiders <3 Kim.