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post #48 - F5: Gossip Girl, Waze, Office, Bubble Bath, & Blog Design!

25 October 2013

Happy Friday! The weekend is very welcomed after what has felt like the longest week! Here are 5 things getting me through the week:

1. Gossip Girl

I know I'm behind the times here by, say, 6 years? But I forgot how awesome it is to watch a show at your own leisure and not have to wait for the following week. I'm on Episode 8 - only 100 something more episodes to go! So addicted.

2. Waze

In honor of my hubs finally converting to an iPhone yesterday (hooray!), I have to share one of my new favorite apps. I'm on the road a lot - for work and play - and this is really a lifesaver! It can serve as a navigation system (instead of Google maps), but that's not the exciting part. With this app, users can submit hazards, police, traffic, etc. You can also chat with other users - helpful if there is a wreck ahead and you're trying to figure out what's going on. And, lets be serious, everyone wants to know about those cops hiding behind the trees!

3. New Office!

Today, I'm officially moving into an office! This is a big step up from my current situation, with much less noise! I went shopping last night and found a cute rug, but no lamp. The search continues - I'll keep y'all posted!

4. Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Bubble Bath

I've been pretty stressed this week, and this stuff has been a lifesaver! It really does have a soothing smell. B&BW is currently having a 25% off sale - pick it up if you need a boost!

5. Blog Design!!!

I got the first draft of my blog design this week! I can't wait to unveil the finished product soon, hopefully next week! Keep your eyes peeled and follow along to see my **major** upgrade!

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And, thanks for all of your comments! I love reading them! ;-)


  1. Good Morning! I use Waze ALLLLL the time... I can't tell you how much time it has saved me from sitting in traffic! Congrats on the new design, can't wait to see it :)

  2. I am/was a hugeeee gossip girl fan! Getting to watch them non stop and not wonder about what comes next seems like a very good thing...

    Happy Friday Girl!

  3. I haven't watched Gossip Girl (yet) but I am a hugeeee fan of watching shows on Netflix/On Demand at my own pace! I started watching season 1 of the Good Wife about a month ago and I'm almost finished! So good if you're looking for another show! Love that B&BW stress relief bubble bath - it's in my bathroom right now! Happy weekend!

  4. Congrats on the upcoming redesign! So much fun! I can't wait to see it!

  5. Waze is awesome! I love when friends come to visit and I can see their progress on the road! ;D

  6. That app sounds awesome, I will have to check it out! Excited to see your new blog design!

  7. girl, i was behind the times with gossip girl too. i was about 2 years late and watched it all on demand afterwards. i feel ya! it's still SO GOOD. AAAA!


  8. I'm so excited to see your new blog design! Yay for new offices! You'll have to share pictures!

  9. Yay for new blog design! I already have the itch to change mine!

  10. I just left Team iPhone and my husband just upgraded to the 5. The camera was a deal breaker for me. Yay for moving into the new office! And can't wait for the new blog design unveiling.

  11. My mom sent me the stress relief hand sanitizer in my bar study care package :) it's not sitting on my desk at work, I highly recommend it! Xo, Lauren J

  12. Excited to see the blog update! After the week I've had {and the one coming up...} I may need to run to B&BW for that bubble bath ;)

  13. I've nominated you for The Sunshine Award, deets are over on my blog :)

  14. I miss Gossip Girl. I enjoyed watching that show a lot. The ending was definitely not what I expected. Enjoy.

  15. B&BW has aromatherapy bubble bath now? NEED! I am obviously behind the times.