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post #36: Turbulence

09 September 2013


The color - Not the kind-of-fun thing that happens on a plane sometimes.

Pantone has named this color one of Fall 2013's top colors. I can't say I'm disappointed, since I wear this color pretty frequently, especially for work.

Usually I wear this as a suit, a sweater, or a skirt. Or a pair of heels. I wouldn't mind adding a few more pieces in this trendy but timeless color - here are some of my favorites:

{Essie Cashmere Bathrobe}

Do you have any favorite turbulence pieces? I'd love to hear about them!

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Xo - Morgan


  1. Love! It's my favorite shade of my favorite color. I've never seen that Essie color, it is going on the list.

  2. I'm obsessed with that infinity scarf!!!

  3. Morgan,
    Your blog caught my eye and I really enjoy reading it! Love your fashion sense! I nominated your for Liebster Award, which is just a fun way to connect with other bloggers and answer questions to get to know one another. If you are interested, check out my post:

  4. Love all these pieces you found in this color! That nail polish is awesome!!

  5. I love grey!!! That nail polish is gorgeous! :D

    I found you through the blog hop, and am now following :D

  6. Found your blog on The Jenny Evolution. LOVE the colour Turbulence. It is that colour and its many shades, that made us start our blog

  7. Ooooh ooooh, I have got to get some of that gray Essie. oh my.

  8. This is a great color. I love a good grey. ;)
    Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!

  9. turbulence ay? thats what they call grey? new one on me! i have to say though i totally want to dabble more with this colour, its very chic!Thanks so much for linking with passion for fashion, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow xx