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post #37 - F5: Lazy Weekends, Fall Decor, Boots, Target, and a New Blog Design!

12 September 2013

It's Friday? Five Things for September 13.

Hey there, pretty blog friends! Hope you've had a super week!

5 highlights of this week...

1. Lazy Weekends
Last week, I backed out of going to the Clemson game and stayed home with the pup. I started Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market with a girlfriend. Milly naturally made friends with the biggest horse dog there, we enjoyed mimosas, and I got some peaches, kale, goat cheese, and crab + avocado ravioli.

{nice and tired when we left.}

{my "single for the day" lunch - lavender goat cheese, pretzels, and cookie butter! mmm}

I watched the Georgia/South Carolina game with Jo's mom and called it a night. The next morning, I headed to the Panthers opening game in Charlotte with some coworkers. A fun time was had by all!

2. Fall Decor
I finally put out some fall decorations! I picked up the glass leaf plates at TJ Maxx over the weekend and love the touch they add to the table. And pumpkin candles...*insert sigh of happiness

{our kitchen table is ready for fall!}
{pumpkin spice candles make me a happy girl!}

3. Boots
Is it time for these yet? I'm quick to put on my cowboy boots - in fact, I wore them to our first football game against Georgia. But, when are we officially allowed to start wearing our riding boots? I got a pair of brown Nine West riding boots last year for Christmas that I love, but this year I'm in the market for some black ones. Is it just me, or are decent looking black ones harder to find? Let me know if you have any suggestions. Until then, I'll just keep dreaming about these.

4. My Target Haul!
After Christina posted an Instagram picture of her Pumpkin Spice M&Ms, I knew I'd be heading to Target to pick some up. Naturally, I didn't leave with just M&Ms. I tried to find the new Essie shades I talked about here and here, but of course they were sold out. I think I found the next best thing in Sally Hansen's Insta Dry - "Gone Grey." I also found some great smelling citronella candles for 70% off!
{clear organizer for work, sharpie pens, pumpkin spice m&ms, nail polish, & candles. + lots of diet coke, not pictured ;-)}

5. Blog Designs!
My little blog is still growing! It's been so exciting to keep gaining followers each day on BlogLovin, Google Friend Connect, and Facebook. (Not following yet? What are you waiting for!) The only thing that's been getting me down is my blog design. Right now, I'm using a freebie - I can't quite decide when the right time is to bite the bullet and purchase a paid design. Here's where I need your advice, experienced bloggers - at what point did you purchase a blog design? A certain number of followers? Page views? Are you happy with your designer? Could you justify the cost?

6. A Little Humor For Today
I had to add a 6th this week. This link is too. funny. Dying. Like, tears might be escaping. 

Thanks for following along with my little old life! Your comments just make my day ;-) And if you're not following along yet, I'd sure love to have you along for the ride!

Xo - Morgan


  1. Love your table runner! So cute. I love the touch of Falll around the house. I picked up the pumpkin spice MMs too and also my first pumpkin spice candle of the season at target this week!

  2. I love your table fall decor - great job, so pretty! And I feel you on the blog design too, I'm using a feebie too. My blog is so new I'm not quite sure when to buy a nicer one... Btw, I'm now following you :)

  3. Love your fall table! I have always done blog design based on what I want. I know that I am going to look at it more than anyone else and wanted it to look exactly how I wanted. There are some great, inexpensive ones on Designer Blogs. I always think it is better to not break the bank on one because then you can always change your mind later without regret!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Totally agree that cute black boots are about a million times harder to find than brown!

  5. I am dying over #6. Those are the best texts ever.

    You should look at Laura Wyatt Designs for a new templates. She's super reasonable and talented!

    I am so jealous you already have your table decorated for fall!!! It looks perfect! I wish I could keep my dining room table set all the time. Usually it's just covered in laundry and mail. Oops.

    Happy Friday!

  6. Wow honey, your fall decor looks absolutely beautiful. It makes me so excited to see it. We all love fall :) Also, I love your lunch the other day. Goat cheese and pretzels actually sounds pretty good! I have not tried cookie butter yet, I have seen it a lot though... what does it taste like? Kind of like cookie dough and peanut butter mixed!?

  7. I think it is definitely worth the cost to get a professional blog design. I justified it by saying "If I went to a new job/meet someone new/etc, wouldn't I want to put my best face forward and wear something that makes me feel confident?" Same applies to your blog look. There are so many talented graphic designers that aren't even close to breaking the bank...just look around to find something to fit your budget :)

  8. Your fall decor looks amazing! I've seen those leaf plates at TJ Maxx before and evidently need to go back and get them! Thanks for reminding me to bring out my pumpkin spice candle! I have a similar pair of the Stuart Weitzman boots called Mainline, they're just like the 5050 but have a hidden wedge, and they're the best. I highly recommend them! I just wish I could wear them now! Oh, I'm following you now!

  9. LOVE your fall decor! That table runner is amazing!

  10. Oh Target, it never lets you down right?! Your table looks amazing!! I can't wait to get my fall decorations out! I've had my blog for almost 3 years (I think?) and I just bought a custom design this summer. I didn't go by followers or page views or anything cause I'm a pretty small blog; but with hopes to grow I just wanted maybe a more professional looking going forward. Stopping by from H54F, hope you enjoy your weekend! =)

  11. Boots boots boots I can NOT wait to wear my BOOTS. I feel ya! I am thinking about waiting until the "official" first day of fall.

    Boot suggestions?? Check out this post I did on Fall Fashion. I personally bought (almost) everything listed. In particular - the boots....which are awesome!! I really like the two-tone and think that they open up for outfit options.

    By the way! I have a Thursday link-up! Come and link up!!

    ~ Ashley w/

  12. Hey Morgan-I just stumbled upon your blog. Love your list of things...those 50/50 boots are gorgeous. I just did a post on Fall cravings and I've found some boots that are very similar from AnnTaylor but for a fraction of the price. Thought I'd share ;)


  13. I am loving your table for the fall! Its so pretty!!
    Thanks for linking up today, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  14. You twisted my arm--following you on Bloglovin now ;) ! I got my new blog design from Etsy for about $30--totally worth it & super easy!

  15. I love your fall decor on your table!! Those leaf plates were a great find and super cute table runner!! Milly and Ruby do look alike! We love taking her to the farmer's market too.. so fun!

  16. I saw the pumpkin spice M&Ms advertised in the Target ad last Sunday and I have not been able to find them in any of the Targets this week. How are they? They were one of my 5 this week too!

  17. cute blog!

  18. Love your table, and I must find these elusive pumpkin spice m&ms I'm seeing on everyone's blogs!

  19. Your target haul is amazing - I am seriously obsessed with those Sharpie pens. And your kitchen table looks perfect. I'm always looking for real-life tablescapes; I might have to steal some of your ideas!

    As far as blog design, I think Etsy is a great place to start. It's where I found my first template for under $30!

  20. I second the above recommendation for designer blogs, I had one of their pre-made templates for a while and the cost is low if you aren't ready to commit to a design. I've been blogging for years but I never really branched out to share it until a few months ago. I decided to work with a designer at the cutest blog on the block I loved the experience and the finished product. If you love your layout then you will want to spend more time on your blog.

    I need those m&ms.