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post #66 - Home Office Update

24 August 2014

Hey y'all! Hoping everyone had a great weekend - I know I did! I left after work on Friday and went to Greenville to shop with friends. Then, I headed back to Columbia and spent a low-key Saturday night watching Breaking Bad with Jo. Is anyone else loving this show?

Sunday was spent working in the house. To provide an update, we've been a little slow getting things done in these parts. I've been waiting to unpack lots of things until I'm sure of the way I want them. I'm finally starting to hang things on the walls and unpack our "unnecessary" things.

Our study/home office has been especially slow on the unpacking front. I'm eager to get this room painted and set up! There are some major things we need here. Since we moved into our last house, I've been on the hunt for a desk lamp. I'm torn between a table lamp that will take up space on the table but look a bit more trendy, vs. a traditional desk lamp. We also need lots of throw pillows for this room. We have a couch and a window seat, which I can't wait to curl up in and read a book!

We'll plan on putting most of our framed Clemson prints in this room, so it will have lots of orange accents. We also are going to paint the room a darker grey/blue color. We've done the majority of the house in a very light grey, so we plan on finding something that will compliment the space outside the room. Pictures coming soon!

Here are a few of our priority purchases for this room. Although some of these things are a little a lot out of our price range, these are a few ideas.

Home Office

I'd love to hear your thoughts - this is definitely not my forte, so I'd love to hear from those of you that are far craftier than me!


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