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post #64: friday five - what i've been up to

04 April 2014

Hi friends! Happy Friday!

I know I've been gone from blogging for a long. long. long. time. So much for that New Years Resolution (which was brought to my attention yesterday by a coworker.) Oops. Blogging has taken a backseat to a lot of other things recently, as it should. Things like work, sleep, and the return of some of my favorite TV shows (duh). 

I spent the month of January going to the gym almost every day. Then there was the ice storm(s), and that dwindled a little. Then it dwindled a lot. Oops again. Another New Years Resolution down the drain.

But today's focus isn't on what I haven't been doing. It's on what I have been doing! Here are my five favorite things of the past few months...

1. Girls Weekend #1

One of my best friends from college is moving across the country with her military husband to California. We've all loved going to her house in Beaufort, SC for the past several years and having girls weekends, where we eat, drink, and play in one of the cutest towns around. We decided to have one last hoorah before her big move. We're counting down the months until we plan a girls weekend in Cali! (Maybe the boys can come too. But probably not.)

[will miss this sweet friend so much!]

2. Girls Weekend #2
I also got together in Charlotte with more besties for another girls weekend! We were celebrating the engagement of my friend Katie, and just enjoying being together - something that we don't get to do often enough since we're all in different cities. After an awesome weekend of wine, shopping, wine, mani-pedis, and more wine, we all left thinking life was great and couldn't get much better.


Then, I got a call a few weeks later from Meghan...she was engaged!! We couldn't be more excited for one of our favorite couples, and I'm thrilled for all of the wedding fun to come! I know that Katie and Meghan will be two of the prettiest brides!! 2015 is sure going to be a great year.

[2008 st. pats throwback with the brides. you. are. welcome.]

3. Greenville Wedding
We had so much fun getting to spend time with another group of our college friends at a fabulous wedding in Greenville! Stacy was a beautiful bride and the couple was so sweet. We knew the wedding would be one to remember when the bride and groom were introduced at the reception and immediately started singing a top notch karaoke rendition of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." Congrats to this sweet couple!


4. Carolina Cup
We had a blast at Carolina Cup again this year. Even though the weather was overcast with morning rain and we didn't have as large of a group as we have had in the past, a day of tailgating with friends and wearing sundresses in March (combined with morning drinks, a personal favorite) is always fun.

5. Milly's Birthday

This little princess turned 4. Love. 
[they just grow up so fast.]

It feels great to be back! Come back soon - I [hopefully] know I will! :-) xo


  1. Girls weekends are the best! Congratulations to your girlfriends on their engagements & weddings!