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post #61 - Last Minute Gift Idea!

22 December 2013

Hi friends! So, I've officially been the most MIA from blogland that I've ever been. Once the 10.5 hour time difference hit me, I realized pretty quickly that any hope of blogging during my work trip was flying out the window.

Now that I'm back, I've been playing Christmas catch up! No matter how hard I try, I always find myself buying last minute gifts - especially for the guys in my life. Luckily, your worries are over - I have the perfect gift for you this year!

As many of you know, last year for Christmas I painted custom cornhole boards for Jordan. He loved them and we've used them tons of times this year! Cornhole is a great party game (many say you improve as you consume, but I'll neither deny or confirm that statement) and it gives us something to do during tailgates and spring/summer nights.

When I was approached awhile ago by Jarrod at Custom Corntoss about reviewing custom cornhole bags, I absolutely couldn't wait to receive them! I couldn't be more pleased with the product I received. Although I haven't tossed them yet (due to it being December and spending very little time outside!), I can tell that they're durable. Most importantly, they look great. See for yourself!

Not only do they make custom cornhole bags, but they also make beautiful custom boards! Remember - this is also a great way to spend some of that Christmas cash that you may have received ;-). Check out their website here, or like them on Facebook here if you're not ready to buy today but want to stay updated on upcoming promotions! 

I know it's a bit late to receive a custom item as a Christmas gift, but I know that all of you creative ladies could provide a pretty picture! Custom Corntoss also has gift certificates, available in many amounts here

Thanks again to the gentlemen at Custom Corntoss for providing these fun bags! I can't wait to use them!

Please note: This product was provided free of charge as a promotional item for review, but all opinions within this post are my own!


  1. These are fabulous!! I really want to make the hubs a set of Nice boards for his birthday! Did you just buy the boards and paint them?!

    Don't worry. You totally aren't the only one buying last minute gifts. I still have a a handful of stuff to buy.

  2. that is awesome!! my brothers would LOVE this... its always super competitive in the summer with that game for us :o) pinning! Emily

  3. Such a cute idea! Pinned to our craft board :)

    Shauna @ The Best Blog Recipes

  4. These are great fun! Our town has a summer tournament that has been gaining popularity. These would be perfect for that!